*When visiting the service centers, having an identity document is required (according to RA legislation).


You can verify your Sports game account in all specified service centers.






Yerevan, Nor Nork admin. district, Totovents St 2/7 (betshop 911) - OPEN

Yerevan, Avan admin. district, Khudyakov St 179/2 (betshop 230) - OPEN



You can also deposit and withdraw funds from your account at the following betshops:



Kotayk region, Hrazdan, Kentron district, 23 Ogostosi St, N40/3 (betshop 649) - OPEN EVERY DAY 10:00-02:00

Syunik region, Meghri, Zoravar Andranik's 28/3 (betshop 978) - OPEN EVERY DAY 10:00-02:00

Armavir region, Armavir, Yerevanyan St 15/12 (betshop 424) - OPEN EVERY DAY 10:00-02:00



You can also verify your Sport game account at the following addresses:



Yerevan, Kentron admin. district, Amiryan St, 26 (head office) - OPEN EVERY DAY 10:00-22:00 

Shirak region, Gyumri, Sayat Nova Ave 9/9A (betshop 522) - OPEN EVERY DAY 12:00-22:00