1. Definitions


These Terms and Conditions represent the entire agreement between “TotoGaming” online Casino and the User (Casino User). Before the registration, please read all of the information carefully. Registering on “TotoGaming” Casino, the User automatically acknowledges and accepts that he/she agrees with these Terms and Conditions.


1.1. Use of Terms

“TotoGaming” Casino - a domain defined as, including the services for the games provided by the Website, which gives opportunity for payments and provides support via Customer Service. Hereinafter referred to as Casino.

“Applicable Laws”– Any rule, law or regulation valid in the Republic of Armenia: The above-mentioned laws refer to:


  • Online Gambling Games (օnline Casino)

  • The right to access and use the services of Online Casino

  • Implementation of Financial Transactions

  • Laws on Intellectual Property


“You”, “Visitor, “Customer”, “Player”, “User”, “Profile User” – An individual who uses the services, software systems of the Website, and has a contractual relationship with the Casino. 
“TotoGaming” LLC, “TotoGaming”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”, “Casino”, “Live Casino”- domain software.
“Internet Website”, “Website” or “Site”, “Operator” – refers to
“Email”- Email address submitted by the Player during the registration process on “TotoGaming” Casino.
“Password”- Password submitted by the Player during the registration process on “TotoGaming” Casino. 
"User Profile", "Player’s Profile", "Player’s Account", "Gaming Account" or "Account"- individual account, which the Player can use to play online games in the Casino. Each player has his/her own personal "Account" which includes the Player's personal information - name, e-mail address, telephone number and current address. All the financial transactions are implemented between the Player and the Casino only in case of existence of such an Account.
“Deposit” - The amount transferred to the Player’s Account.
“Withdrawal” – Any fund withdrawal from the Player’s Account. The withdrawal request is submitted by the User personally. 
“Balance”- Funds balance on the Player’s Account.
“Winning” – Funds accrued on the Player’s Account as a result of winning in Casino on games with real money.
“Bonus”, “Bonus Policy” – Various monetary awards granted to the Player by the Casino for loyalty or participation in Promotions. 
“Support Service” – All the games and services on Website.
“Demo Game” – Any game with limited functionsin this Agreement. The User plays the game for free, and not for real money.


2. Subject of the Agreement


2.1. The subject of these Terms and Conditions is the regulation of coordination between the Player and the Casino related to absolutely all terms and conditions, which refer to the Casino game rules and execution of transactions with real funds during Casino games. 

2.2. These Terms and Conditions come into force after the publication on the Casino Website.


3. General


3.1. The Casino Games are organised by “Toto Gaming” LLC located in the Republic of Armenia at the following address:


Address: Hanrapetutyan st., 67 Building, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia

Tel.: +374 10 539942


Organisation: “Toto Gaming” LLC


3.2. The term “Customer” refers to any individual who accepts the User Agreement of the Casino and is willing to create a profile and make wagers on the games of Website. 

3.3. All the users that have access to Website, accept the Terms of the User’s Agreement, which regulates the conditions of the application of services (Agreement).

3.4. The Agreement reflects all the conditions and risks of the Casino Users, available on Website. In the event of any questions regarding the User Agreement, please contact the Customer Support Service. 

3.5. The User must read and accept the General Terms and Conditions of this Agreement. Before activating an account and using the services on the Website, the User must accept the above-mentioned Terms and Conditions of the User Agreement without any modification.

3.6. The Agreement comes into force immediately after the registration and confirmation of the Account. To register an Account the User must click the "Register" button on Website. If the User does not accept the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement, he/she cannot use the services on our Website.

3.7. The Agreement is governed and construed in accordance with applicable laws of the Republic of Armenia. Any illegal and legal dispute will be examined in the court of the Republic of Armenia. 

3.8. The Casino shall not be liable in case of force majeure situations of any person, as well as for activities of state and judicial authorities. If any provision of this Agreement is declared invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain valid.

3.9. The Casino reserves the right to amend this Agreement at any time. Any such amendment will be binding and will come into force immediately after the notice on the Website, or the User will be notified by e-mail or message about such modifications. It is the User’s responsibility to review and become familiar with any such modifications in the Agreement. The above-mentioned amendments enter into force immediately after the publication on the Website. The User must agree with the changes in the User Agreement to be able to continue using the software and information provided on the Website.

3.10. The Casino is licensed in the Republic of Armenia and is governed by “Toto Gaming” LLC. 

3.11. License Number: PL-5696, Issuance Date: 24.10.2014.

3.12. The General Terms and Conditions are published in several languages for the informational and availability purpose. In case of any discrepancy of information between the Armenian and foreign languages, the Armenian version shall prevail. 

3.13. In case of any dispute the decision made by the Casino will be considered final.


4. Online Services Agreement


4.1. This Agreement between the Casino and the Customer has a direct relation to the Website, including the text content, as well as software applications (games) that are on the Site. 

4.2. The Casino reserves the right to impose certain provisions regarding the Players’ access to the games (for example minimum quantity of finished games, payment checks) and modify or include additional provisions at any time.


5.Membership Eligibility


5.1. Our Services can be used only by persons having a legal status, including the right of signing cotracts, who have the right to enter into this Agreement in accordance with the laws of the country of permanent residence. It is the responsibility of the Customer to check if online gambling is legal in his/her country of residence. 

5.2. The Services provided by the Website can be used only by adult users (18 years old). The User under 18 is prohibited to use the Website’s Services. Games with real money are available only for Customers over 18 years old.

5.3. The Casino reserves the right to request documents for age proof and reject or suspend the User’s participation in the games in case the satisfactory proof is not provided. 

5.4. The Company is not responsible for abuses, as well as for the minors’ participation in the games.

5.5. Our Services are not available in the areas where such activity is illegal. The Casino reserves the right to cancel, suspend or terminate the Services at its own discretion.


5.6. The Company has the right to terminate or suspend the User’s participation at any time without any reason.


6. Registration Information


6.1. The User warrants and represents that no guardianship of restricted legal capacity has been established over him/her by Civil Legislation or other legal acts of the Republic of Armenia for putting his/her family into dire financial straits as a result of his/her harmful addiction to alcohol, drugs, or gambling. If ever such a guardianship was established, it was eliminated according to court decision based on the lack of grounds to apply the capacity restriction over the person. In order to participate in the games offered by Website, the Customer must complete the application form on the Website and open a “Gaming Account”. The User must fill in the application form provided by “TotoGaming”, which should at least contain the following conditions and details:

6.1.1. Customer’s personal information - The information provided by the Customer during the registration process should be accurate, complete and correct. In case the Customer has provided incorrect or false information, the Operator can partially or completely restrict access to the Services and the content. 

6.1.2. Date of birth - the Customer warrants and represents not to be under the age of 18. People under 18 years old cannot register on the Website.

6.1.3. Place of residence

6.1.4. Passport series and number or ID card number

6.1.5. Current emails address and telephone number. The email address must be unique and special. The usage of obscene or offensive names is not permitted, as well as the names that contain references or indicate a status (for example “Administrator” that belongs to the Casino). The Casino reserves the right to block the User’s Profile if it does not meet the above-mentioned requirements. 

6.1.6. Password – The User must choose complex and unique password for the security of his/her profile. The User must keep his/her password confidential. 

6.2. During the registration process the User provides his/her email address and/or his/her mobile number. 

6.3. The User must keep his/her account details up to date and modify personal information on “My Account” section. 

6.4. In case the User does not inform the Operator about the changes of his/her personal details and as a consequence does not receive the messages to his/her last known e-mail address, these messages are considered delivered and received.

6.5.1. For the Online payments the Casino may require from the User to send to the Casino’s email address a scanned copy of the passport or ID card or any valid document verifying the identity of the payment account.

6.5.2. The Customer must submit the passport or other identification document if he/she receives the amount at any betshop (cash acceptance and provision point). 

6.6. The User must register an account independently and solely with his/her personal information.

6.7. The Visitor is not allowed to register an account, if he/she already has an account with the Casino. A User can only hold one Gaming Account. The Casino reserves the right to remove or suspend all transactions in case the same User has registered more than one account, as well as to block the profile.

6.8. The Casino is very attentive to the Customer’s information provided during the registration process and acts according to the security provisions. 

6.9. It is prohibited for the users to transfer, sell or acquire accounts from or to other customers.

6.10. The User warrants that he/she will use only his/her credit card to make a deposit.

6.11. It is not allowed to make a deposit into the Gaming Account if it has a different purpose but the game, particularly illegal transactions (money laundering). 

6.12. The Customer warrants that he/she does not suffer from a gambling addiction. 

6.13. If the User does not meet the requirements of the User Agreement, he/she may not be allowed to register on the Website.

6.14. New profile (new account) registration is free of charge.

6.15. One User can open and hold only one Gaming Account. In case the User opens or intends to open more than one account, the Casino reserves the right to block or suspend any and all accounts at its sole discretion. If the Casino makes a decision to leave one open account, then it will be the first account of the User, on which all the funds will be reallocated if there are any. The User is obliged to inform the Casino if he/she has more than one account with the same or different personal details. 


7. Password Security


7.1. The User should choose a complex and unique password for the security of his/her profile. The User should keep his/her password secure and confidential. 

7.2. The User is responsible for the security of his/her personal information (including the password or username details). In case the User suspects that his/her personal information has been compromised, the Casino should be immediately notified about it.

7.3. The Casino has no liability or responsibility for the unauthorized use of the password or unauthorized activities by a third party, as well as for the unauthorized access or transactions by a third party, if the Username and password have been entered accurately.


8. Legal Restrictions


8.1. The User ensures and warrants that he/she is aware about online gambling laws in his/her country of residence. The User’s access to the Website of the Casino does not mean that he/she can use the Services legally. 

8.2. The User acknowledges that the Casino does not provide legal advice and cannot guarantee winning. The User participates in the games under his/her own responsibility. 

8.3. The User’s account in the Casino does not accrue interest. The Customer shall not treat the Casino as a financial institution.


9. Usage Restrictions


9.1. The User’s right to use the software or information provided by the Casino is non-transferable and is intended only for the User’s personal use. 

9.2. The User agrees not to distribute any Casino-related marketing materials and publish any data required to access the Site. It is also prohibited to copy any data contained on this Website without written consent of the Casino.

9.3. The User agrees to use the information provided on Website for the purpose of online games only. 

9.4. The User agrees not to use any electronic communication function, which is not intended legally and may distort the normal work of the Company, harm, offend or put the company under threat.

9.5. The right to use the Website’s Services given to the User under this Agreement will be terminated in case the Casino finds that the information provided by the User, including the email address, does not exist anymore or the User does not comply with this User Agreement or abuses the games. Upon notification, the User agrees to admit that he will be restricted in accessing the games, placing bets, executing transactions, as well as using part of the Services or his profile will be blocked completely. 


10. Violations


10.1. Users are strictly prohibited from violating the security of the Website. According to the User Agreement such violations include:

10.1.1. Intentional provision of incorrect or incomplete data, 

10.1.2. Speculation of the games results (amendment) via concerted practice, modification of software systems or any other similar activities,

10.1.3. Deliberate distribution of incorrect or misleading information, using gaming process as a result of conspiracy, modifications in the software system, monitoring of the gaming process through intentionally created obstacles and unfavourable external impact.

10.1.4. Several accounts created by the same individual, 

10.1.5. Inappropriate use of Live Chat, as well as use of obscene, profane, threatening and inadequate phrases. 

10.2. The User is not permitted to make any amendments or use any unauthorized software or application, that may affect software systems of the Website. 

10.3. The Operator reserves the right to take measures to detect and suspend the use of illegal software systems by the User at any time, including the detection and localization of installed software on his/her personal computer and/or telephone, as well as the profiles created for investigation purposes. In case the Operator identifies evidence of prohibited use of software systems or has strong argument to believe that such a system is applied, the Operator is entitled to block the suspected or detected user's account, as well as remove or announce all the winning available on a user’s account invalid . 

10.4. The Operator has the right to suspend the User’s access to the Website in case of any violation. In addition, the Casino can terminate the games and block the User’s account without any warning. 


11. Profile Blocking


11.1. The Casino reserves the right to reject, cancel, suspend or restrict the access to the Website or the Games if:


  •the Casino suspects that any person is engaged in illegal activities on the Site.

  • the Casino may suffer financial deficit as a consequence of the User’s activities on the Website.

  •a transaction was conducted on the Website contrary to the provisions of User Agreement.


11.2. The Casino prohibits the players to organize conspiracy and takes measures to prevent the use of such devices as “robots”, that prevents or hinders the normal functionality of the Site. 

12. Interrupted Game


12.1. If any inaccurate information is published on the Website, the Casino will attempt to correct such inaccuracies in the system as quickly as possible. Winnings accrued as a result of inaccurate information will be corrected as soon as possible. 

12.2. If the game has been interrupted for any reason, all the results of the game will be recorded in the database. In case of any quieries, please contact our Customer Support Centre. 

12.3. The Casino reserves the right to cancel the results of all the games and payments obtained during the technical problems on the Website. 


13. Game for Real Money


13.1. Any User who has registered an account on the Website and has made a deposit into his/her Gaming Account can play with real money.

13.2. Before playing for real money the Player must deposit funds into his/her Gaming Account. 


14. Demo Game or Free Game


14.1. After registration on the Website, the User gets an opportunity to play free game with virtual credit, clicking on "Demo Play" button.

14.2. With "Demo Play" it is impossible to withdraw any amount or transfer virtual credit. 


15. Withdrawals


15.1. The whole withdrawal process is carried out by the finance department of “Toto Gaming” LLC. The Casino’s Customer Support Centre conducts additional data verification. 

15.2. The Casino reserves the right to require additional identity documents prescribed by the Law regarding any transaction executed by the User, upon provision of which the Casino may confirm or decline the said transaction within three days. 

15.3. If the sum of requested withdrawable amount is 200,000.00 – 2,000,000.00 AMD, the withdrawal is approved in an hour(1) within 1-24 hours. 

15.4. If the sum of requested withdrawable amount exceeds 2,000,000.00 AMD, the withdrawal is approved in 6, in some cases 12 hours within 1-48 hours.

15.5. The admissible withdrawal limits defined for each Betshop are shown in Point


15.6. Any transaction executed by the User may be approved or declined depending on the admissible withdrawable limits defined for Betshops.

Address Admissible limits for withdrawals
c. Aparan, Baghramyan 25/9a (betshop 151) 500,000 AMD
c.Ararat, Shahumyan 33/2-1 (betshop 646) 500,000 AMD
c.Armavir, Hanrapetutyan 6, administrative building (betshop 550) 500,000 AMD
c. Armavir, Yerevanyan 15/12 (betshop 424) 500,000 AMD
c. Ashtarak, Sisakyan14 (betshop 444) 500,000 AMD
c. Vayk, Jermuk highway 32/2 (betshop 715) 500,000 AMD
c. Vedi, Araratyan 73/12 (betshop 355) 1,000,000 AMD
c. Gavar, Azatutyan 17 (betshop 156) 500,000 AMD
c. Dilijan, Myasnikyan 53/3 (betshop 733) 1,000,0000 AMD
c. Yeghvard, Yerevanyan 3 (betshop 809) 1,000,0000 AMD
c. Yerevan , Zvarntots airport 42 (betshop 575) 300,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Mikoyan stands (betshop 130) 300,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, 16 district, Melkumov 23/5 (betshop 370) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Arabkir, Avetisyan 1,000,0000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Kanaker-Zeytun, Ulnetsi 31, (betshop 521FR) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Kentron , Al. Manukyan 7, area 84 (betshop 114) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Kentron, Abovyan 32, (betshop 133) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Kentron, Khorenatsi 30 (betshop 734FR) 300,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Malatia–Sebastia, Andranik 75/11 (betshop 265) 300,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Malatia–Sebastia, Sebastia 155 (betshop 644) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Nor Norq , Gyulikekhyan 17/1 (betshop 139) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Erebuni, Muratsan 126/2 (betshop 429) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Avan, Safaryan 147 (betshop 230) 300,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Azatutyan 21 N 38 (betshop 175) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Halabyan 65/1 (betshop 126) 1,000,0000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Amiryan 26 (betshop 101) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Babajanyan 33/1 (betshop 295) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Baghramyan 58 N 54 (betshop 803) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Bagratunyats 36, зд34 (betshop 150) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Bagratunyats 11/3 N 95 (betshop 777) 1,000,0000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Badal Muradyan 2/2 (betshop 729) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Hrachya Qochar 25 N 43 (betshop 136) 1,000,0000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Grigor Lusavorich 12 N 121 (betshop 240) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Gyurjan 1 30/1 (betshop 155) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Ervand Qochar 8/10 (betshop 110) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, str. Kanakertsi З 123 N 43 (betshop 125) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Zoravar Andranik 54/6 (betshop 127) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Komitas 1/13 (betshop 099) 500,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Komitas 20 N 88 (betshop 165) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Komitas 35 N 1 (betshop 134) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Komitas 49/1 (betshop 212) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Leningradyan 31/5 (betshop 170) 1,000,0000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Mamikonyants 41/1(betshop 120) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Margaryan 20 N 45 (betshop 100) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Moskovyan 31 N 167 (betshop 202) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, str. Nansen 2 2/1 (betshop 191) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Nubarashen 7-th str., № 2 square (betshop 409) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Paronyan 15 (betshop 718) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Guy avenue 28/5 (betshop 513) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Tigran Mets str. 65/5 (betshop 149) 500,000 AMD
c. Yerevan, Azatamartikner str. N 80/2 (betshop 300) 300,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Rubinyants12 N 4 (betshop 454) 500,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Sayat–Nova 1 (betshop 711) 500,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Sayat–Nova 23 N 3 (betshop 138) 300,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Sayat–Nova 33 N 64, 64a (betshop 205) 500,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Sebsatia 68 (betshop 255) 300,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Tigran Mets 43 N 19 (betshop 988) 2000000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Tigran Petrosyan 18/2 (betshop 726) 500,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Totovents 2/7 (betshop 911) 1,000,0000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Tumanyan 23 N1 (betshop 245) 1,000,0000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Azatutyan str. 4 N44 (betshop 113) 300,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Halabyan str. 39/2 (betshop 112) 1,000,0000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Artsakh str. 8, building 84 (betshop 118) 1,000,0000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Acharyan 30, non-residential area 50 (betshop 966) 500,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Bagratunyats 18, area 120 (betshop 714) 500,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Bagratunyats 5/3 (Yerevan City) (betshop 406) 500,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Vardanants 28, area 172 (betshop 411) 500,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Vardanants str, building 16, 2/1 (betshop 645) 300,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Hasratyan 7, building 27 (betshop 366) 500,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Kievyan 11/31 (betshop 131) 300,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Komitas 60/2 (Yerevan city) (betshop 123) 500,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Nazarbekyan 31/4 (betshop 356) 500,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Nalbandyan 9, area 30 (betshop 250) 500,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Nar-Dos 77/1, stand(betshop 190) 500,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Sevak 90, building 41 (betshop 517) 500,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Pushkin 40 N101 (betshop 007) 500,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Raffi 23/6 (betshop 888) 500,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Raffi 57/1, 57/3 (betshop 111) 500,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Saryan 16, area 45 (betshop 440) 500,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Sasuntsi Davit 76/5 (betshop 419) 500,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Charents 9, 3 non-residential area (betshop 708) 300,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Sharur 27/7 (betshop 410) 500,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Khorenatsi 11 N 22 (betshop 555) 500,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Sheram 92/9 (betshop 728) 500,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Shiraz 32/1 (betshop 507) 500,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Erebuni 23 N 74 (betshop 277) 500,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, South-Western district А3 N 42 (betshop 877) 500,000 AMD
c.Yerevan, Artashatyan highway 103/1 (betshop 427) 500,000 AMD
c. Martuni,Kamo str. 11/1 area, gas station (betshop 408) 1,000,0000 AMD
c. Martuni, Myasnikyan 68 (betshop 157) 1,000,0000 AMD
c. Masis, Araratyan № 11 (betshop 501) 1,000,0000 AMD
c. Masis, Central square N 4/2 (betshop 875) 500,000 AMD
c.Nor Hachn, Azatamartikner 5 (betshop 511) 500,000 AMD
c. Hrazdan, Andranik 96, area З (betshop 515) 500,000 AMD
c. Hrazdan, Kentron, Ogostos 23, № 40/3 shop (betshop 649) 500,000 AMD
c. Sevan, Nairyan168/7 (betshop 509) 500,000 AMD
c. Spitak, Suren Avetisyan 199 (betshop 152) 500,000 AMD
c. Stepanavan, Baghramyan 63a (betshop 153) 500,000 AMD
c. Tashir, Kirov str., home 209 (betshop 154) 500,000 AMD
c. Tsaghkadzor, village Magistros str. 13 N 5 (betshop 519) 500,000 AMD
c. Charentsavan, N2 area, home 8, building 3 (betshop 512) 1,000,0000 AMD
c.Etchmiadzin, Mashtots 71, 19 բն.(betshop 717) 1,000,0000 AMD
c. Etchmiadzin, Khorenaci 20a , square 31 (betshop 105) 500,000 AMD
v. Dalar, Vazgen Sargsyan 82/2/1 (betshop 434) 500,000 AMD
v. Marmarashen, Masis highway, N 21/1 building (betshop 516) 500,000 AMD
v. Mrgavan, Abwvyan 31/1, gas station (betshop 721) 500,000 AMD
v. Shahumyan, gas station (betshop 713) 500,000 AMD

15.7. The name and details of the User profile and the bank account or other withdrawal methods should coincide. The Casino is entitled to require verification documents.

15.8. When sending a withdrawal request from your Gaming Account you can withdraw any amount less or equal to the sum available on your playing balance, with the exception of applicable fees or charges for the withdrawal amount as defined by these General Terms and Bonus Policy. The minimum withdrawal amount is one thousand (1,000.00) AMD, except when the withdrawal is made for the purposes of closing the account. The maximum amount of withdrawal request may not exceed two million (2,000,000.00) AMD. The Casino administration may require from the Player not to make withdrawals exceeding twenty million (20,000,000.00) AMD within 24 hours regardless of the bets placed during that period.

15.9. The withdrawal of the winning amount may be processed only with the User’s personal details.

15.10. The withdrawal of funds takes 1-48 hours.

15.11. You agree and acknowledge that the funds transferred to your Gaming Account will be used only for the purpose of games. The Casino reserves the right to charge 3% of the amount that has not been traded, in case you request withdrawal of funds without their complete turnover, which is equal or more than the invested amount.

15.12. The Casino recommends its visitors not to exceed twenty million (20,000,000.00) AMD limit for transactions within 24 hours.

15.13. Please take into consideration that it is the Customer’s (not TotoGaming’s) responsibility to publish or disclose the winning, if required by the local legislation.

15.14. To make a withdrawal the User should have at least one deposit in the whole game history.


16. Deposit

16.1. To make a deposit into the Player’s Gaming Account, please select one of the available deposit methods in ”Deposit” section of the Website.

16.2. The Casino does not guarantee the availability of all payment methods.
16.3. Deposits via credit card are made in real-time.

16.4. The minimum deposit amount that the Player may transfer to his/her account is one thousand (1,000.00) AMD. The maximum deposit amount cannot exceed two million (2,000,000.00) AMD per deposit. There are no restrictions regarding the maximum deposit amount limit in the Casino. However, the Casino’s administration may require from the Player not to make deposits exceeding twenty million (20,000,000.00) AMD within 24 hours.

16.5. The Casino recommends its Visitors not to exceed the twenty million (20,000,000.00) AMD limit for transactions within 24 hours.


17. Game in TotoGaming Live Casino

17.1. Live Casino with Live Dealers is only available for the players registered on the Casino’s Website.

17.2. “TotoGaming” provides the Player all the necessary information for each game in Live Casino, such as game rules, bet types, minimum and maximum bets, restrictions for the betting time during which the bets should be placed.

17.3. If you are playing Roulette and Baccarat and the internet connection is interrupted after placing the bet then the bet stands valid and the game continues normally. In case the bet wins, the corresponding winning amount will be transferred to your account.

17.4. If you play Roulette and Baccarat and the Internet gets disconnected right after placing a bet, your stake stands and proceeds normally, and provided that your stake wins, your winning will be sent to your account. If you play Blackjack and your connection fails right after placing a bet and you do not have a chance to succeed with the decision in the particular round, an “Auto Stand” applies to your hand and the game continues. In such cases your hand stands automatically and the game resolves based on the outcome.

17.5. The Casino shall in no way be liable for any system, communication or human errors relating to the publication of any outcome, bets or games. The Casino reserves the right to refuse and cancel all payments, bets or games, in the event of the above-mentioned errors.

17.6. If the Casino detects any error after the withdrawal process, the User will be obliged to reimburse and as required, pay the Casino the corresponding amount, that the Casino has paid to the Player due to an error (including all the expenses for the recovery of the amount).

17.7. In all cases of speculations or violation of the games’ rules, all the bets, games and withdrawal process shall be cancelled.


18. Fees and Charges

18.1. The amount (subject to withdrawal) indicated in “MY ACCOUNT” section is the full amount limit that will be credited to the User’s Account.
18.2. The currency on the Casino Website is Armenian dram (AMD).
18.3. The User can at any time close his/her Gaming account contacting the Customer Support Service.
18.4. The User agrees and authorizes the Casino to charge fees according to the credit card agreement submitted by the User (except for cases defined in these Terms and Conditions).


19. Bonuses

19.1. If the User meets certain conditions, then complementary funds, so called “bonus” may be credited to the Player's Account.

19.2. The information with regard to bonuses is available in “Current Promotions” section of the home page of the Website. The limit of the bonus amount is determined by the Casino.

19.3. The Casino offers a range of attractive bonuses to its customers. Bonus terms can be changed according to the modifications in User Agreement.

19.4. The bonus amount will be credited to the indicated account. Bonus terms and conditions are published on the Casino’s Website.

19.5. In the event that the Company believes a User is abusing or attempting to abuse a bonus, the Casino is entitled to deny, withhold or withdraw from any user any bonus or promotion.

19.6. The User’s account will be blocked in case of any abuse, unfair advantage or fraudulent activity of the Company's bonuses.

19.7. The User may request the Casino to revoke the granted bonuses. Please contact Toto Gaming’s Customer Support Centre to cancel the bonuses.In the event that the bonus amount is declared invalid, the Casino reserves the right to declare all the winnings void received upon crediting the bonus.

19.8. Offered Bonuses may have a wagering requirement.
The wagering requirement with the following indicated contribution (%) on the following Website-game sections is presented below:


Game section %
3D SLOTS 100%
SLOTS 100%


For example if the User should make a total bets of 5000 AMD to be able to withdraw money:


• after wagering 100 AMD on GAMINATOR games it will be necessary to make a total bets of 5000-100= 4900 AMD.

• after wagering 100 AMD on BLACKJACK games it will be necessary to make a total bets of 5000-5= 4995 AMD.

• after wagering 100 AMD on BACCARAT games it will be necessary to make a total bets of 5000-3= 4997 AMD.

• after wagering 100 AMD on ROULETTE games it will be necessary to make a total bets of 5000-1= 4999 AMD.



20.1.During the Casino tournaments, once the User is logged on his game account, a window with the new tournament information will appear, which will state its main conditions. The system will automatically register the User's participation to the given tournament.

20.2. If the User doesn't want to take part in the tournament, he must click “Refuse”.

20.3.The window offering participation to the tournament will appear constantly until the User confirms or refuses it by clicking correspondingly either of the “Confirm” or “Refuse” buttons. Any other activity will not be considered as a refusal to the tournament.

20.4. Cashback is not considered for the games participating in the tournament, but the User may take of its advantage after leaving the tournament. In this case, the moment of leaving the tournament will be considered as starting point for the Cashback calculations.

20.5.The User may check his points at any moment by entering to the page “My Account”, and following the link “Tournaments”. The tournament name, points or the information on participation appears for each tournament separately.

20.6.If the User wants to leave the tournament after having confirmed his/her participation, he/she must enter to “My Account” section, follow the link “Tournaments” and select “Leave” in the section for the given tournament. Further, another window will appear to help the User make a final decision.

20.7.In case of several tournaments if the User refuses to participate in one of them, he/she will not get invitation for that one, but can still take part in the other tournaments.

20.8.For further information on the tournament the User should click on the button "Learn more" or follow the link of the given promotion on the Homepage of the Casino.In case of several tournaments if the User refuses to participate in one of them, he/she will not get invitation for that one, but can still take part in the other tournaments.


21. Belote

21. Card game Belote

21.1.1Rake is a fee taken by the Casino for providing a gaming space, according to the license no. PL-5696

21.1.2. The card game Belote is available only for the users registered on the Casino website.

21.1.3.Players who have "not redeemed bonuses" cannot take part in Belote.

21.1.4. General terms for each Belote type are available in the lower left part of the corresponding tab, where you can find the relevant description, winning points and general game description.

21.1.5.The Casino takes no responsibility for any errors related to system, communication or human factors, which can concern the publication of any results, bets or games. The Casino may refuse payments and cancel all bets or games in case of errors related to the above -mentioned factors

21.1.6.Rake is set in the amount of 4% and automatically collected from the pot of two opponents playing against each other (This doesn’t concern the tournaments).

21.1.7.The allowed limit of bets for creation of new games on the initiative of the User is 200-500.000 AMD.


21.2 Belote Time

21.2.1. The player himself chooses the step duration. The following time variants are available in the game: 15, 30, 45, 60 seconds. After the step time is over, the total game time starts to decrease. For one game (except tournament games) each of the participants is provided with 3 minutes in Classic Belote and 4 minutes in Open Belote. In case total game time is over, the player doesn’t make any step, internet is disconnected or the browser is closed during the game, the player losses the game. In case of tournaments Casino reserves the right to use other time limits which will be reflected in the relevant part of the website.


21.3.Belote Tournaments

21.3.1.Belote tournaments are created by the Casino and placed on the website in Belote section.

21.3.2. The Casino predetermines tournament terms – the start time, the prize fund, the formation principles, number of participants, buy-in and rebuy values, the number of winning places and prizes allocated for them.

21.3.3.Entrance fee is the amount paid for joining the tournament. The Casino may also organize tournaments without entrance fees (FreeRoll).

21.3.4. Belote tournaments are organized by the Olympic principle – the loser leaves the tournament.

21.3.5.Rebuy is an entrance fee for joining an already started game.Various rebuy values are set for each tournament round, left-out players and new participants .
Тhe first Rebuy amount can be seen by clicking on button.
The progressive Rebuy is calculated in the following way:
Entrance Fee + 80% (entrance fee of the previous round and/or Rebuy) - previous rounds entrance fee
And this is for each round.

*Example 1: If the player makes buy-in of 400 AMD for previous and current rounds, first round Rebuy is calculated in the following way: (400 + 320) – 400 AMD =320 AMD If the participant didn’t make Buy-in, the rebuy is: 400+320 (entrance fee + entrance fee /rebuy 80 %)=720 AMD

The Rebuy amount is defined in the relevant way.

Example 2: The Entrance fee is 400 AMD. The player pays the entrance fee and first round rebuy (in this case it is 320 AMD). If the player didn’t make buy-in, he/she should pay: (entrance fee+the first rebuy + second rebuy) 400+320+256= 976 AMD 21.3.6.The Casino offers tournaments with stable and progressive prize funds. The tournaments with stable prize funds do not depend on the number of participants and their rebuy fees. In case the tournament is with progressive prize fund certain percent from the rebuy fee of each new Player is allocated for the prize fund when the minimum number of Players meet the defined requirement.
After the prize fund is completely collected certain percent is allocated for the prize fund. * Example

The prize fund of the tournament is 10,000 AMD, 10 % from the Rebuy is allocated to the prize fund.

The players make 11,000 AMD entrance fee/rebuy.

In this case 100 AMD from the exceeding 1000 AMD will be allocated to the prize fund.

The percent is presented in info pop -up window providing information on tournament.

21.3.7.The tournament begins when the minimum number of participants is logged in, otherwise it will be canceled, and the entrance fees will be returned on the Players’ accounts.

21.3.8.Depending on the number of tournament participants, the system randomly creates tables and forms playing pairs. Depending on the number of players who joined the tournament from the beginning and made rebuy bet, tournament rounds are formed.

21.3.9.Need for additional round formation.

An additional round is formed if the number of players who passed to the round following the last one, with the possibility of Rebuy, isn’t equal to 2n degrees (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, etc).If the tournament is without Rebuy, the need for the additional round is checked before the round preceding the first one. Before starting the round with or without Rebuy (if it’s not the round preceding the prize round), in case of odd number of participants, one of the participants stays in the waiting mode until the end of the round. 21.3.10.Additional round formation order.
If it’s necessary to form an additional round, the system subtracts the biggest number received from multiplying the preceding 2 (the biggest 2n degrees).As a result we receive the number of tables in the additional round. The number of participants in the additional round is chosen according to the number of created tables (number of created tables multiplied by 2). The number of participants for the additional round is equal to 2n degrees and is created by the winners, participants in the waiting mode and the participants who already passed to the next round. For example, if there are 200 participants, you should subtract the biggest number having 2n degrees and preceding 200(200-128=72).Thus, we will receive the number of tables for the additional round (72), and the number of participants in this case will be 72*2=144.The 144 participants of the additional round compete with each other, while the other 56 participants (200-144=56) are in the pending mode and wait for 72 winners of the additional round. The winners and participants of the waiting mode form 2 n degrees following the additional round: 56+72=128.

21.3.11.The Casino may determine winning places for the participants who have taken the 1st,1st-2nd, 1st-4th and 1st-8th,1st-16th, 1st-32th, 1st-64th places. Correspondingly, the final, semi-final, the quarter-final,1/8, 1/16, 1/32 and 1/64 rounds are considered as winning rounds.
21.3.12.Different amount of prizes are defined fo
r the winning places of rounds.


21.3.13.In case the player fails to implement any action or step during one game round 3 times lasting more than 1 minute, the mentioned action is considered to have devastating effect on the game or tournament. In this case the Casino reserves the right to remove the player from the game or tournament, deprive the player of the right to participate in Belote game or tournaments, as well as apply other restrictions on current game account, even block it.


21.4 Belote Jackpot

21.4.1. Jackpot is a large amount of prize paid by the Casino when the game event meets the previously defined requirements.

21.4.2.Jackpot can be fixed, cumulative or mixed and is paid to the event participant(s) from the prize fund prescribed for it. The fixed prize fund is defined by the Casino and is not subject to change until the game event is held. The cumulative prize fund is generated from the percent of players’ bets. The mixed type is a combination of the fixed amount defined by the Casino and some percent from players’ bets. Games, as well as the Jackpot share percent are defined by the Casino. The Casino reserves the right not to publish the percent allocated for the Jackpot fund from players' bets.

21.4.3. Jackpot can be paid to either one or several players involved in that game event, depending on the previously described Jackpot provisions.

21.4.4. In case of any limitations occurred as a result of technical issues the Casino reserves the right to cancel Jackpot prize.

21.4.5. In case of any violations implemented for the purposes of winning Jackpot, the Casino reserves the right to cancel participant(s) winnings of that game event and apply other restrictions on that game account.




  Using function “Draw” you can change any card in Classic Belote. You just need to choose the option “Change a card” when

creating a table or join an already created one.

The function “Draw” is activated only after dealing all the cards (9 cards). Before making the first move during each hand you get only

one possibility to change your card. You can change any of your cards. The new card is randomly chosen by the system. After every

card change the system charges only 10% of your stake from your balance. For example, if you make a bet of 10,000 AMD or join a

table with such a stake in classic belote, in case of changing a card the system will charge only 1,000 AMD. In case you have chosen

“Game with Cube” when creating a table and have multiplied your stake, the system will charge from your balance 10% of the

multiplied stake. For example, if you make a bet of 1,000 AMD or join a table with such a stake in classic belote and then multiply

your bet 4 times making it 4,000 AMD, in case of changing a card the system will charge 400 AMD.



Via «Draw» function you can change any card in tournaments (Classic Belote). You just need to join the tournaments with “Draw”
option. Every time after you change the card, the system will charge 10 % from buy in/Rebuy of the given round, regardless of the fact
if you made Rebuy or not. In the rounds with no-Rebuy the system charges 10% from the last round Rebuy.

In FreeRoll tournaments the card changing option for the first round will be free. In the next rounds the price for changing a card will
depend on the Rebuy amount of the given round, regardless of the fact the client made Rebuy or not. The card changing cost in the
rounds with no-rebuy will be 10% of the last rebuy amount.



21.5. “Cube” function in Belote


Totoblot presents a new “Cube” function for games of Classic Belote section. Cube can be used only for non-tournament games.When creating a game with Cube, preferred bet amount and game terms are inserted. By ticking the Cube function, a new window will appear for inserting the maximum bet amount. This possibility allows doubling the main bet amount once or more times. When playing a game with cube the smallest multiplier of the main bet is 2, and the biggest is 64 which is available for the maximum bet inserted by the client. To use the cube function, the Client should previously choose “Game with Cube” or join already created cube table, accepting all the terms. In this case the client can see the main bet amount of the created table and the maximum limit of the bet for the given table. By clicking the button “Play” the player can join the table and start the game in case of having sufficient balance. After joining the game, the mentioned maximum amount is charged from player’s game account. Otherwise, the user will not be able to join the game and will receive a message on insufficient funds. In case of the game with cube, none of the players has the cube beforehand. The cube starts in the middle of the table and can be used by the player who should make the given step. The user who chooses the trump first, can use the function “Double bet” first before choosing trump. To use “Double bet” function, the user should click the “cube” icon. To use “Double bet” function the client should choose the trump suit and start the game. The client can also use “Double bet” function before choosing the trump suit. When using the doubling function the participant should accept the offer on doubling the bet, otherwise he/she will lose the game. When clicking the “Surrender” button the opponent will lose the game. If the player who should choose the trump suit and start doubling first, doesn’t choose the trump suit, the possibility of choosing the trump passes to the opponent. In this case the opponent can use the doubling function before choosing trump. The players continue doubling until the maximum inserted amount is over and the main bet is doubled 64 times, after which the cube disappears from the table. You can use cube function during all the game or during one trick. At the first double the main bet is doubled. If the maximum amount is not enough, the remaining amount is inserted as multiplier ( example I). In case of doubling 64 times the maximum remaining part is inserted with the given bet (example II). Example: If the maximum inserted amount is 8500 AMD and the main bet is 1000 AMD, so after multiplying 8 times the remaining amount will be 500 AMD which will be accepted as multiplier 16. Example If the maximum amount inserted by the player is 135000 AMD, the main bet is 2000 AMD, after multiplying 64 times the remaining 7000 AMD is accepted together with 64 multiplier. The amount which is not used during the game is returned to the player’s game account after the game. The users can double bet even once. In this case the remaining amount will be transferred to the player’s game account after the game. For example there is a cube table with the main bet of 200 AMD and maximum bet limit of 2000 AMD. If the users “Doubled” their bets only once and lost the game the doubled bet amount is subtracted from the maximum 2000 AMD, and the remaining amount is again returned to the game account. For example, the balance is 5000 AMD, 2000 maximum amount – 400 doubled amount =1600 remnant. After the game the winner receives BET × CURRENT MULTIPLIER, and the opponent: BET × GAME MULTIPLIER - BET × CURRENT MULTIPLIER. The game rake is 4% of total bet amount approved at the end of the game.




21.7. Satellite Belote tournaments

21.7.1 Satellite Belote tournament is a type of tournament organized by the Casino. Players can participate in the above-mentioned tournament through direct registration, or by getting prize places in other regular tournaments (including Satellite tournaments), or by winning individual tournaments with certain conditions.

21.7.2. Depending on the way of registration Satellite tournaments can be of two types: open and close. Players can participate in close Satellite tournaments only by winning a ticket in other tournaments or individual games. Players can participate in open Satellite tournaments by paying the entrance fee or making a rebuy.

21.7.3. Satellite tournaments tickets cannot be sold or exchanged. br/>


21.7.4. Player cannot win more than one Satellite tournament ticket. However, in case of losing the tournament the player can make a rebuy.

21.7.5. Registration in Satellite tournaments by tickets is automatic. In this case it is impossible to leave the tournament. Player is not limited from participation in other tournaments if he/she is registered in a Satellite tournament, but only if the start time set by Casino for those tournaments is not the same as the start time of the Satellite tournament.

21.7.6. Player can get an individual table ticket if the table bet is equal to or higher than the minimal bet amount set by the Casino for the Satellite tournament ticket.

21.7.7. After creating or joining a table that meets the demands of Satellite tournament ticket, player can choose which Satellite tournament he/she wishes to win a ticket to. Meanwhile, player can only access tournaments with a start time set by the Casino that is not the same as the start time of the tournaments (including Satellite tournaments) the player is registered in.

21.7.8. Tickets to different Satellite tournaments can be provided for prize places in regular tournaments organized by the Casino.


22. Limited Liability

22.1. The games and Services of the Website are available for visitors using certain technologies. The Casino does not guarantee the uninterrupted access to the Website. The Casino is not liable for any errors, unavailability or errors related to the games.

22.2. The Casino is committed to provide continuous gaming services on the Website. Anyway, the Casino shall not be liable for any errors, omissions, interruptions, suspensions, delay in data provision, failure in communication or transmission, destruction, unauthorized access, or changes on the Website.

22.3. The Casino is not responsible for any technical malfunction related to telephone network or lines, computer online systems, servers or providers, equipment and software systems.

22.4. The Casino is not responsible for any interruptions in games. In addition, the Casino shall not be held responsible for any damages caused as a result of viruses or damaging components.

22.5. The Casino is not liable for any incorrect data entry, their maintenance and handling or damages caused by incorrect data transmission. Particularly, the Casino is entitled to correct obvious errors during data maintenance and processing (for example errors related to personal details of the players, bets, etc.).

22.6. The Casino shall not be held responsible for the loss or theft of credit/debit card. The Customer is solely responsible for the Credit/Debit card. The Casino must be immediately notified in case the User’s card is lost or stolen. The Casino is not liable for the use of lost or stolen Credit/Debit card or any transaction made via other payment methods.

22.7. The Casino shall not be liable for any loss or damage (arising from the use of the Website) incurred by the User or any other third party unless otherwise provided by law.

22.8. Unless otherwise provided by applicable law, the Casino's maximum liability with the User related to the Website, agreement requirements or any other reason, is 100,000.00 AMD (or its equivalent in other currency). In case of fraud or intentional misinformation, exclusion or limitation of liability is not applied.

22.9. The Casino shall not be liable for any disputes related to the procedures or rules of the games as the third-party Company or Companies operate under their own gaming license and are responsible for their games procedures and rules. The Operational and Customer Support Centers of the Casino are located in the Republic of Armenia and are operating legally under the laws of Armenia. Please read carefully the Casino’s General Terms and Conditions on the Website.

22.10. To make the information and Services available for the Users, instructions for games are published on the Website in several languages under "Help" or "Description" links. A legal basis governing the relationship Between the Player and Toto Gaming Company in regard of the gaming rules can serve only the links in already loaded games or reference instructions from there. In case of differences between rules under "Help" or "Description" links and already loaded games, the version in already loaded games or reference from there is considered primary.


23. Anti-money Laundering Procedures

23.1. The Site should not be used for money laundering. The Casino uses the best methods to combat money laundering.

23.1.1. The Casino makes payment only to the person registered under the same profile.

23.1.2. The winning amount may be transferred to the credit/debit card registered by the User’s name, which has been used to make deposits before. The Users may also receive their winning in Toto Gaming betshop .

23.1.3. Each person is allowed to have only one account. Winnings will not be transferred to accounts under false names profiles.

23.1.4. The Casino may require the Customer to submit an identification document (e.g. passport copy).

23.1.5. All transactions conducted on the Site are checked to prevent money laundering attempts.

23.1.6. If the User does not follow the General Terms and Conditions, the Casino may block the Player's account.

23.2. Any suspicious transaction or activity will be reported to relevant authorities.


24. Intellectual Property

24.1. Content, trademarks, trade names, logos and symbols are considered the property of the Casino and its partners and are protected by copyright laws, international treaties and provisions.

24.2. The User agrees not to remove or delete any copyright notices received from the Casino.

24.3. The images on the Site are the intellectual property of the Casino. The Customer should not download, publish or distribute any information, software or other materials which are protected by copyright or any other intellectual property laws (including rights of publicity and personal privacy) without the prior permission of the owner and without prior written consent of the Site.


25. Indemnification

25.1. The Customer agrees to indemnify the Casino, its directors and employees, and to hold them harmless from any and all claims, disputes, including, without limitation, reasonable attorney’s fees and costs arising from or in any way related to:

  •the Customer’s access to or use of the Website or Services
  • violation of any provision of this Agreement by the Customer
  • violation of the applicable laws and regulations by the Customer.



26. Duration and Termination

26.1. The Agreement has a period of validity of at least 12 months, after which it will be automatically updated. The Customer is obligated to send a written notice of termination of the Agreement to the Casino 30 daysbefore. With the termination of the Agreement the Customer loses his/her right to use the services on the Website.


26.2. The User can cancel the Agreement with the Casino, with 30 days prior written notice, which should be sent to the email address. The User will receive an answer within 30 days.


27. Marketing and Promotion

27.1. In the event that the Player has a winning with the amount of 1 milion AMD, the Casino may offer the Player to publish the information (User name or nickname) in mass media for advertising purposes. It is the right of he User to accept or reject the offer.

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28. Game Operating Procedures

28.1. The Casino may at its sole discretion add or remove games from the Website at any time with or without notice.

28.2. The Casino also reserves the right to reject or restrict bets and deposits .

28.3. The Casino may at its sole discretion change the minimum and maximum limits on the bets table.


29. Privacy Policy

29.1. After the registration process the User allows the Operator to use and maintain the data provided during the registration. The Casino does its best to ensure its customers' personal privacy and security. All the information is maintained by the Operator during the cooperation period with the Casino.

29.2. The personal information provided by the Customer during the registration process will later be used for the establishment of a user identity, deposit security and Player’s profile. All the information is recruited according to strict data verification procedures, necessary for international financial transactions.

29.3. The Customer must provide truthful and accurate information while creating the Account. In addition, the Customer may be registered only with his/her name, and cannot act on behalf of other person.

29.4. The Operator uses cookies (small encrypted text files) that the Website writes onto the hard disk of a User's computer when the User browses our Web page. Cookies also facilitate the use of our Website. Thanks to the use of Cookies the information on selected games, the date and time of your visit and your navigational activity, the period of your use of games on the Website is recorded. The Operator analyzes the users’ data generated from cookies, then they are adjusted subsequently according to a User’s needs and interests.


29.5. The Casino will not disclose customers' personal information to any third parties without their prior written consent except for cases when the publication of such information is required by law.
Your personal information shall not be transferred to third parties.

29.6. During the registration in the Casino the User accepts the Services offered by the Casino, as well as agrees with the Casino’s conditions of Player’s Profile. The Customer also agrees with the Casino’s demand to maintain and use his/her personal information in case of any dispute that may arise between the Casino and the Customer.

29.7. The Casino will do its best to ensure the privacy of its customers, which includes their personal data. The Casino warrants that the security and protection of personal details are guaranteed due to the regularly updated security policy.

29.8. From time to time the Casino may contact the Customers via telephone or email to provide additional information regarding the Company. The Casino may also contact its Customers via telephone (also via SMS messages) or email for purposes of advertising or promotional offers. The Customer agrees to receive such information from the Casino. The Customer may at any time refuse to receive such notifications from the Casino by simply contacting the Customer Support Centre.

29.9. Any suspicious or fraudulent activity will be immediately reported to the appropriate authorities.


Updated on 26.10.2015.